How strong are your feet?

How strong are your feet?

To be a sound runner your feet have to be strong and flexible. Your feet are your foundation of your body, they take the initial impact of your body when it first touches the ground. Your feet also communicate important information to your calf muscles, hamstrings and glutes. What’s that under my foot, do I twist my ankle or do I catch myself and engage my calf, hamstrings, glutes and core to save myself from a sprain?

If your feet are switched on and activated you will have more confidence with every step, feeling the ground and receiving the information through nerve endings the entire way through you body.

Your foot is made up of 33 joints and over 100 ligaments and are quite often the forgotten part f your body, yet are essential to pain free running yet if strengthen can have countless benefits to your running enjoyment and performance.

If you have strong feet then you will reduce the risk of injury immensely. If your toes have the ability to move independently then you will increase performance by building a strong arch and foot muscles.

Having flexible feet is also important to increase your range of motion of your feet and to reduce the staring on calves and achilles and plantar tendons.



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