Ultra Training Weeks 5-6

Push through to side plank

Week 5-6-7

In week 5,  I was trashed. I wonder if I was sick with a virus when I ran the 36km, I’m not normally in that much pain…I took 2 days off my own training and only moved around with clients when I could. I also managed to get into Hot Yoga on the weekend to fix my lower back and hamstring. I trigger pointed my lower back, obliques and it seemed to release that area and help drop  my hips to level my hamstrings. I also focused on my glutes and added in kettle bell swings just whenever possible. Just 20×2 sets to help with my hamstring and lower back. My lower back was tight and needed an active stretch and the best way for me to do this was to do kettle bell swings. 

Pistol squats

I foam rolled every night and stretch too. I also had 2x Hammer endurolytes and 3x spirulina every night and it seemed to release the muscles and I felt much better as the weeks went on. 

Here was my training below;

Week 5

Monday – Easy Morning 1 Hour Jog

Tuesday Morning – Rest 

Tuesday Evening – 8km run. 

Wednesday Morning – 1 Hour easy jog

Wednesday Midday – 45 minutes hill walking

Thursday Morning – Long Hills x5

Thursday Evening – 500 m x6 with Core Focus, bike crunches, back extensions, plank

Friday Morning – 90 minutes Hot Yoga

Friday Morning – Easy jog 30 minutes, step ups, resistance band rows.

Friday Lunch – Stairs 

Saturday Morning – Easy Jog 1 hour

Saturday Recovery

Sunday Rest

Mount Nebo Bike Ride

Week 6

Monday – Easy Morning 1 Hour Jog (finished painting the office)

Monday Lunch – 1 Hour Bike Ride Easy

Tuesday Morning – Rest

Tuesday Lunch – 7km TT

Tuesday Evening – Easy jog 30 minutes, bridges, feet hip width apart, toes together knees together, feet wide and clams. 

Wednesday Morning – Easy 1 hour jog

Thursday Morning -Hill/stair Sprints x5

Thursday Evening – 500 m x6 with Core Focus, bike crunches, back extensions, plank, calf raises, kellie bells

Friday Morning – Easy jog 30 minutes, step ups, resistance band rows, kettle bell swings, back exertions with lat pull down.

Friday Lunch – Fartleck 1min on 1 min recovery strength tricep dips, single leg bench squats, calf raises 

Friday Afternoon – Birthday Lunch Drinks

Friday Night – More Birthday Dinner drinks 

Saturday Night – More Birthday dinner drinks 

Sunday – Easy ride with the kids for fathers day.

Sunday afternoon – putt putt golf. 

Week 7

Monday (this is my LDS that I deferred from the week before due to my birthday and fathers day) 

1:45 Min Mount Nebo Return bike ride (999 vert), 10 minute rowing machine, sumo squats, kettle bells, pistol squats, burpees, push through to side plank with suspension trainer. I came in after my bike ride with way too much energy and had to hit some strength to get my wriggles out! Great! Sign. I use the bike to build mental strength and physical strength and this particular ride always sets me up strongly for the next 1-2 weeks. Bring on Week 7-8