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Brisbane Trail Ultra – BTU-Spartan Trail World championship

Photo from the Brisbane Trail Ultra 2020. Photo by Element Photo and Video Productions.

Cairns Port Douglas Trail Ultra – CPTU


Brisbane Trail Ultra 720+

BTU100Mile – STWC, 6xITRA Points

BTU110 – AURA Long Course (110) Trail Running National Championships. 5x ITRA/UTMB Points

BTU60 – x3 ITRA/UTMB Points

BTU30 – STWC, 1 x ITRA/UTMB Point.

BTU-Red Bull Climb


Spartan Trail World Championship



CPTU – 500

Cairns Port Douglas Trail Ultra

CPTU120 – 4 x ITRA/UTMB Points

CPTU80 – 3x ITRA/UTMB Points

CPTU40 – 2 ITRA/UTMB Points

CPTU10 – Beach Smash

CPTU- Red Bull Climb

Race two events designed by x-elite Ultra Trail World Tour 8th ranking Athlete Shona Stephenson and challenge yourself at the ultimate trail running experience. She has put her heart and soul into discovering the most single trails, biggest climbs and the most iconic finish lines possible to create an event that is world class.

CHallenge yourself

CHallenge Yourself