Running Coach

Running Coach

Get the right running coach is crucial to our success. The right running coach will have the best possible advise that will help you to get you to your goal injury free.

Benefit from the 13 years experience in running coaching with your Ultra Training Australia Running Coach Shona Stephenson Level 3 Fitness Australia Personal Trainer. Shona believe’s in improving your athletic performance, health, nutrition. With the experienced, knowledge of Ultra Training Australia you event process will be a fulfilling and enjoyable achievement.

What to expect from your running coach;

  • Your running coach will help you stay injury free. 
  • Build strength and power
  • Improve flexibility
  • Increase your KM safely
  • Build your stamina and endurance
  • Mentor you though a 3-4 month running program 
  • Increase mental toughness
  • Make sure you get to your start line feeling confident and ready to race

What will your program involve? Our programs are all individually designed around our clients goals.

We are 100% Client Focused. We will build a program especially designed for you in mind. Your goals are our goals, your success is our success. 

We will put together a program including the elements of the following;

  • Intervals
  • Hills, stairs or bike
  • Cross training, bike, rowing machine, free weights, suspension core straining
  • Optional tempo run
  • Easy recovery day swim or easy jog
  • Long distance slow
  • Rest day, cross train or easy recovery day

We count kilometers and we count quality. We know the quality of our strength and cross training in our programming will prevent injuries. Our results have proved our cross training and strength training works to increase performance in our clients. 

We work with all our clients to get the most out of their bodies in every training session. We listen to our clients and swap training programming when needed to increase recovery time and reduce the risk of injury.

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