B100 Training Week 3-4

B100 Training Week 3-4

This is always when it gets a bit serious. I’d just gotten through my first official solo long run in 2 years and it was right on the money. Now how do I recover???? Let’s renovate!

My blog writing went astray over the next 2 weeks because I thought it was time for me to claim 1/2 of my step son’s (aged 9.5) play room for an office for myself, I’d been running my coaching business and Brisbane Trail Ultra from a breakfast bar and a very under powered MacBook Air and it was time for me to get an upgrade to an iMac as I do all the artwork for myself and Brisbane Trail Ultra. 

I made what I thought was a fair trade of a lego technics helicopter that I had saved up for a situation like this for 1/2 of the toy room. The trade was done and William was happy. I then started cleaning out his bedroom too as I thought I was going to need all the space possible to have a neat toy room/office and found a soon to be birthday gift that Adam my partner had given me in the cupboard. Crack up! I was wondering why he didn’t want me to clean out his son’s wardrobe, he was hiding gifts in there. I think I have found every gift so far since I moved in. 

Ahhhh my new creative work space

Once I started cleaning my step son’s playroom and realised I needed this room painted white if I was going to be happy in this space. My partner then bought me ceiling paint as a gift (not quite like the other gift I’d already found). There I was hand deep in white paint revamping the space and not blog writing but man the difference it has made to me is insane. 

Once I was in the study/toy storage room William wanted me to help him with the helicopter. I managed to get a bit of work done then while William was at school and with the helicopter in pieces next to my computer on my brand new Ikea white desk. My obsessive compulsive, disorder (OCD ) took over. I started to build the toy and I could not stop building the helicopter until it was finished. I was so worried that William would return home from school upset as I’d finished it without his help. I don’t think I was given enough lego as a child. Instead of being devastated like I would have been he was over the moon that I had built his helicopter for him. Phew! Usually my OCD gets me into trouble and not usually that kind of reaction. I’m the best step-mum in the world to him at the moment. Yippee. 

The stunning view from the top of Kangaroo Point Cliffs

Here was my training below;

Week 3

  • Monday – Easy Morning 1 Hour Jog
  • Tuesday Morning – Intervals 800m x2 zone 3, 800m x2 zone 4, 2 minutes recovery. 
  • Tuesday Evening – Kangaroo Cliff Stairs x10, Hill Sprints 30 sec x10, Kettle Bell Swings, Sumo Squats, single leg bridges, 8km run. 
  • Wednesday Morning – 1 Hour easy jog
  • Wednesday Midday – 45 minutes hill walking
  • Thursday Morning – Long Hills x5
  • Thursday Evening – 500 m x6 with Core Focus, bike crunches, back extensions, plank
  • Friday Morning – Easy jog 30 minutes, step ups, resistance band rows.
  • Friday Lunch – Stairs 
  • Saturday Morning – Easy Jog 1 hour
  • Saturday Recovery – 90 minutes Hot Yoga (Kids Sport in the Afternoon) 
  • Sunday Rest (still painting the office)

Week 4

  • Monday – Easy Morning 1 Hour Jog (finished painting the office)
  • Tuesday Morning – Intervals 1km x2 zone 3, 800m x2 zone 4, 2 minutes recovery. 
  • Tuesday Evening -Hill Sprints 30 sec x10, Kettle Bell Swings, Sumo Squats, single leg bridges, 8km run. (in between session building Ikea Furniture)
  • Wednesday Morning – Kangaroo Cliff Stairs x5, x5 Hill Sprints, single leg pistol squats bar assisted
  • Thursday Morning -Easy Jog
  • Thursday Evening – 500 m x6 with Core Focus, bike crunches, back extensions, plank
  • Friday Morning – Easy jog 30 minutes, step ups, resistance band rows bike crunches, sit up with weight, Russian twists, back exertions with lat pull down.
  • Friday evening volunteered at Last Man Standing, AAA racing. 5pm- 3am, it was pretty cold and I’d been awake for 24 hours with my usual day job. I had to get off my feet at about 1am, my foot was killing me. I’d developed a deep blister on my 3rd toe and it was freezing. I had to put my feet up. 
  • Saturday slept and soaked my foot in epsom salts hoping it was going to be okay for the 36km training run the next day. 
  • Sunday – 36km Blackall 100 Course Start to CP2 then and out and back to CP4. 

I unfortunately worked out that strava auto pause doesn’t always work for me.It wa the first time I tried it and decided that it’s best not to use it in the future. I recorded first 20km loop of B100 and stopped at my car to re-fill water bottles and the app didn’t start up again. Ran the extra 16km. I didn’t;t look at my time once or check the app as when I am out on a run the time doesn’t matter you just have to do the training and learn from it. I finished the last 6km in a fair amount of pain. It was the training session I was meant to have as I started it quite tight and not feeling the best. Be it all the renovating or the volunteering in the cold. When I started I told Cora it wasn’t going to be a “TT” it won’t be a pretty time but I just had to do it. 

I didn’t get to my yoga that week, I also had my period too. My period usually wouldn’t upset me but I was not as diligent with my enduorlytes as I’d run out and my spirulina that I swear by to keep me supple. I was also too tired to get in the bath from volunteering all Friday night/Saturday Morning and this was a massive mistake. I had a ball helping everyone out at the event but I paid for it. I hate the cold, I was lucky I left at 3am because I could  feel a bit of asthma coming on Saturday Morning and knew that I had a clogged chest when I started on Sunday Morning for my long run. I love 30 plus degrees to run and race in. I did a great time for 30km, then I spotted Cora (we took off together for the training run so we could both run at our own pace and we decided to catch up on the out and back to the Mapleton Days Area Check Point) maybe it was psychosomatic, the minute I saw Cora I tightened up. It was like my mind decided that I did not have to run anymore. I was cramping in my diaphragm, intercostal muscles, and ab rectus. I’d done way too much ab work on the Friday with a coaching client and I was paying for it now. I’d woken up with a tight right side, it was the right side where I had my sore toe too from the Friday night and a tight hamstring. I’d missed my Hot Yoga session on the Friday AM it showed. Cora ran with me back to the car. I was happy with the day, the hills did not seem as big as I remembered, I was able to run up everything feeling great until the 30km. I worked on my training nutrition and I was super happy with it. 

My post Kangaroo Point Cliffs Photo. Those stairs never stop hurting.

All is coming into place. I just have to make a promise to myself to do the following every day; 

Daily Recovery

  • Option 1 Hot Yoga
  • Option 2 Hot Epsom Salt Bath – Foam Roll and Stretch
  • Option 3 Super Hot Sower- Epsom Salt Scrub in the shower and foam roll. 

Notes to myself

  • Keep up the electrolytes in the week.
  • Keep up the spirulina too to prepare your body for a long run
  • Cross Training Weekend this weekend. 

My Training day Nutrition

  • First 20km
  • Leda Choc Chip Cookies x4
  • Orange Red Bull 50%
  • Last 16km
  • Ledo Choc Chip Cookes x4
  • Red Bull 50%

Bring on a recovery week!