Ultra Marathon Coach

Ultra Marathon Coach

Get the right advise with an experienced ultra marathon coach to help you get to your goals in 2021. Shona Stephenson is an experienced ultra marathon coach with over 13 years experience working as an ultra marathon coach.

Your ultra marathon coach, Shona Stephenson also has her Cert 111 and Cert 1V in Personal Training, Outdoor Fitness, Injury Prevention, Sports Nutrition with over 10 years of racing and coaching experience with ultra marathon training and coaching. She is a level 3 Fitness Australia Personal Trainer.

Shona Stephenson also has hosted numerous ultra marathon training camps, which have been instrumental in ensuring her clients are prepared for their special ultra marathon event.

Shona believes in a holistic approach to coaching her ultra marathon clients. Her knowledge of the human body and how it reacts to exercise is her strength and is an invaluable recourse that she shares with her ultra marathon catching clients.

Shona Stephenson, your ultra marathon coach has coached her clients to their goals from 5km all the way through to a multistage desert ultra trail event. She has coached runners from 5km to 240 km multi stage events, 168km UTMB, UTMF, UTA, Blackall 100, SCC and many more.

Your ultra marathon coach can help you in the following ways;

  • Injury prevention
  • Increase speed
  • Increase strength and conditioning
  • Improve performance
  • Increase endurance

Your weekly running programs will include the following;

  1. Speed/Intervals
  2. Tempo Runs
  3. Hills, Stairs or Bike
  4. Flat Fartlek
  5. Rest, Recovery Runs or Cross Training
  6. Long Distance Slow
  7. Rest, Recovery Run or Cross Training

Your weekly plyos, strength, conditioning, core training will be designed especially for you and will include a selection of the following;

  • Plyometrics- Hopping, Bounding, Kangaroo Jumps, Box Jumps
  • Single Leg Squats, Single Legs bench Squats, Single Leg TRX Squats, Single Leg Calf raises.
  • Set Ups, Single Leg Bridges
  • Fit ball hamstring curls, TRX Hamstring curls
  • Jack Knife Fit ball, Jack Knife TRX
  • Cycle Crunches, Back Extensions, Plank
  • Russian Twists, Weighted Sit Ups
  • Lat Pulldowns, Jump to Pull Up, Jump to Chin Up, Pull Ups, Chin Ups.
  • Clams, Side leg raises, Theraband clams, theraband side leg raises
  • Push Ups, Push up to side plank, push up weighted to single arm row.

Your ultra marathon coach will write in your plyos, strength, conditioning, core training into your program. You can choose to do the strength with you’re running or at a different time. It is up to you. You can have your program written for you on either excel spread sheet or on Training Peaks.

You can also choose the intensity of your training program depending on your experience, running history and skill level. Your ultra marathon coach will individually design a program to fit into your busy schedule and make sure you get to your end goal successfully.

Contact Shona Stephenson today your new ultra marathon running coach. shonastephenson@me.com